No more need for keys anywhere in your property

By connecting your digital Yale Doorman lock to the Aptus system, you eliminate the need for traditional keys in apartment buildings, all the way from the entrance door to the apartment.

Secure accommodation and efficient key management

No more worrying about lost keys or replacing costly lock cylinders. You can simply use the same key tag whether you need to book laundry facilities, open the entry door or open your apartment door. If you don't want to connect the lock to the Aptus system, you can just buy the lock on its own.

Yale Doorman – the convenient lock

The Yale Doorman allows you to easily open the door with a code or key tag (Aptus multi proximity key) – or both together. If you lose a key tag, simply block it to restore your security. By activating the automatic locking function, you ensure the door is always locked when it is closed.

Control your lock with an app

If you connect your Yale Doorman to the Aptus system, you can control it from your mobile via the Aptus Låsa Smartphone app. This allows you to remotely open and lock your door and see directly on your phone when the kids come home. You can generate temporary codes to allow family, friends and workers to enter your home.

Is Yale Doorman compatible with your door?

The lock can be installed on doors fitted with a Scandinavian standard lock. This includes most doors from 1980 and later. Yale Doorman is designed in Sweden, so it is well suited for our tough climate. The buttons are illuminated and the lock is powered with standard batteries.


Yale Doorman is compliant with Lock Class 3 according to SSF 3522:1 and certified by SBSC (Svensk Brand- och Säkerhetscertifiering AB). This means that the Yale Doorman lock is approved by insurance companies.