Keyless access control system at Nørrebro Park School


Nørrebro Park School is a school without any traditional keys. An access control system from Aptus keeps track of security and room booking. Electricity and security firm Høyrup & Clemmensen did the installation.


Nørrebro Park, Copenhagen, Denmark 


Nørrebro Park School / Copenhagen Municipality 

Contact at Aptus:

Brian Søncksen, tel +45 30-373436,

About the project:

With rugged Öppna readers installed along the perimeter, inside the main doors and on elevators, students don’t even try to sabotage the products. The alarm turns off and the electricity turns on automatically when the staff place the Aptus key on the reader to begin the day's work. Similarly, the alarm is turned back on and the electricity is switched off when the last person goes home.

The evacuation alarm is connected to the access control system. When the fire alarm goes off, the doors automatically open, allowing smooth evacuation of both students and staff.


The rooms can be booked. There are 4,000 bookings of rooms in Copenhagen Municipality each month. The reservation system is integrated with the access control system.