Proximity readers from Aptus in Media Markt stores


Media Markt installed the Aptus access control system in its electronics stores in Gävle, Nacka Forum, Skövde and Malmö. The company sells high-value products that require an effective security system.


Gävle, Nacka, Skövde and Malmö, Sweden 


Media Markt Sweden 

Contact at Aptus:

Martin Spjut, tel +46 702-29 84 51,

About the project:

Media Markt strives to offer its employees a safe and secure environment by preventing unauthorized access to storage and staff areas. The Aptus access control system allows the security coordinator to decide exactly when, where and who can pass through the store’s doors. Another benefit of the system is that it simplifies key management.

The system blocks doors during opening hours, and everyone must pass through security checks at the store’s customer entrance, which is monitored by security guards and an EAS system, and where individuals must sign in.

Connecting the alarm functions to the access control system provides Media Markt with a flexible alarm control solution.