Got Event chooses Aptus for Frölundaborg


It is with great pride that we help Got Event to keep track of keys, doors and alarms at Frölundaborg. We already provide security at the arenas Ullevi, Scandinavium and Valhalla.


Gothenburg, Sweden 


Got Event 

Contact at Aptus:

Michael Carlsson, tel +46 703-689750,

About the project:

When Gothenburg’s city-run sports and clubs support scheme – Idrott och Förening i Göteborg – was planning the renovation of Frölundaborg, Aptus was already installed at several of Got Event’s other facilities, which Got Event thought worked well. The challenge lies in getting everything synchronized, from door locks to alarms. Players, artists and personnel working around the clock place heavy demands on an access control system. Got Event chose Öppna 1100 for external protection and Öppna 1105 for its interior doors.

The system is complex with 25 interior and exterior doors. When a team comes home late, all of the emergency exits have to remain open until the last person leaves the building and the alarm has to be activated once that person has left. The Aptus system solves this challenge.


Today, all of the facilities are controlled via a database and Multiaccess software. This gives Got Event a good overview and allows them to work efficiently.