Student housing in Skrapan has Aptus system


Skrapan’s security system is a total solution from Aptus that includes everything from a proximity access control system to a modern communication system, entry phone and booking solution.


Stockholm, Sweden 


Skrapan, student housing

Contact at Aptus:

Martin Spjut, tel +46 702-29 84 51,

About the project:

Skrapan houses 600 students in 476 apartments. With the high frequency of students moving in and out at the beginning and ends of terms, efficient key management is important. The building is entirely free of conventional keys. Every door uses a proximity key system, all the way from entrance doors to all apartment doors. The advantage is that it is easy to add or block keys and change access authorizations.

The entry phones have built-in digital tenant directories. Clear symbols and buttons guide visitors to the right person. Digital name displays in the corridors show the names and apartment numbers. All administration is managed centrally, which means the administrator can remain in the office while changing tenant information.

The laundry room and other communal rooms have been equipped with digital booking and information boards. The system is ready for the future and prepared for individual energy metering.