Entry phone system for both visitors and children at play


A/B Refsnæsgaard 1 has a renovated, heritage-listed facade with new doors at the entrances. A new modern entry phone system from Aptus was installed because the Aptus system seemed like a solid and durable solution.


Copenhagen, Denmark 


A/B Refsnæsgaard 1 Andelsboligforening 

Contact at Aptus:

Robert Almqvist, tel +46 703-18 57 05, robert.almqvist@aptus.se

About the project:

Ringa 2707 entry phones are installed at the entrances to the building. The cooperative housing association also has a Ringa 2707 installed in the courtyard so children can call their parents and friends. According to Rolf, a five-year-old can handle the entry phone after a demonstration, even though some of them can’t read and they have to pick a name on a screen that has 200 apartments.

When visitors call and the tenant opens the door, the information on the entry phone display guides visitors to the apartment.

Using proximity readers and Aptus keys reduces the responsibility for traditional keys to merely requiring administration and structure, managed using Aptus Hantera software.