Security system with digital information boards


There is a sense of community that brings people together at the Paradisbacken cooperative housing association in Huddinge. The association chose a new security system and information system from Aptus.




PeBab and Paradisbacken housing cooperative 

Contact at Aptus:

Martin Spjut, tel +46 702-29 84 51,

About the project:

When the association decided to replace the public doors, they also installed new entry phones, a new access control system and digital communication boards.

Ringa 1707 entry phones welcome visitors at the entrances. To avoid prank calls in the evenings, visitors use numbers to call apartments. The gate opens automatically when access is approved.

The AGERA 19 digital communication board is placed in the stairwells. These boards can display everything from bus timetables to when the next pub night is scheduled. After 69 door leaf readers were replaced with APTUS Låsa 1189, those who where skeptical about the system now love the simplicity at the door. The entire system is administered by Multiaccess/Hantera.