Kronobergsgatan 15/20 Inedalsgatan – key-free living

The Inedal 8 housing cooperative on Kungsholmen offers even more than one of Stockholm’s finest courtyards, lounges, restaurants and an exclusive gym. And residents never need concern themselves with keys.


140 apts, Kronobergsgatan 15/20 Inedalsgatan, Kungsholmen, Stockholm


Johan Berger, Aptus Elektronik AB, phone +46 (0)70-666 70 42


A unique concept in apartment living, aimed at creating a sense of community through common spaces. The laundry room can be reserved using an app, but certain machines can't be reserved to encourage spontaneous encounters with other residents doing the laundry – perhaps while working out in the gym next door.

Summers can be spent enjoying the beautiful courtyard and when colder days arrive residents can retreat to the Second Living Room, where they can have parties, watch the big screen TV, or simply hang out with their neighbors. When residents aren't in the mood to cook, they can enjoy a meal at the Breakfast & Wine restaurant right there in the building.

"A survey showed that residents demand high digital technology," Mikael Savborg, AG Properties

A sense of community along with digital access control combine to create a secure living environment. Residents need never worry about keys that may end up in the wrong hands. Should they lose a key tag, it is deactivated and access to the building and the apartment is denied.


Entry Phone

A Ringa 1707 entry phone can be found at the entrance to the building. Authorized access using a key tag or code opens the door. Visitors can find the resident they are visiting on the entry phone display.The resident answers the phone and opens the door by simply pressing a button on the cellphone.

Digital apartment lock

Each apartment door is equipped with a Yale Doorman digital lock. Residents can decide how to unlock the door (code and/or Aptus key). The door automatically locks after the apartment is entered. When leaving, simply lock the door by pressing a button. Residents can choose whether to monitor the lock status via an app or provide visitors with temporary codes.

Reserve the Laundry Room

The laundry room can be reserved using an app. Certain machines can't be reserved to encourage spontaneous encounters with other tenants because even the laundry room should serve as a meeting place in the building.

Doors to common rooms

The gym, laundry room and bicycle storage room are managed with the same access control system. Doors to common rooms are opened by tapping the key tag (Aptus key) against the Öppna reader.

Agera 19

Residents can find out when the next bus or subway departs. The property owner also has the opportunity to communicate with residents and the screen can display a list of residents.

Aptusportal Styra

Residents can access the portal using their computer or cellphone to reserve laundry times, manage their keys, report problems and read individual messages from the property owner.


The whole access control system – from the bicycle storage room to the apartment door – is administered using Hantera software.



Watch the video about 15/20 here.