Ceres Panorama, Aarhus – a keyless housing cooperative

The Panorama housing cooperative in Aarhus, Denmark has installed keyless access control.

Ceres Panorama is a housing cooperative in the center of Ceres Byen in Aarhus, Denmark. It has twenty floors, 130 apartments and a digital access control system.


Ceres Panorama, Aarhus, Denmark


Brian Søncksen, phone +45 30 373436, brian.soncksen@assaabloy.com

About the project:

Entry phone
The building entrance is equipped with a Ringa 2707 entry phone. Tenants use a key tag to open the door. If the tag has the correct authorization, the door opens. Visitors can find the tenant they are visiting via the entry phone display. The tenant answers the phone and opens the door by pressing a button.

Digital apartment lock
Each apartment door is equipped with a Yale Doorman digital lock. Tenants can choose whether to use a code and an Aptus key or only a code or an Aptus key to open the door. The lock automatically locks after you enter the apartment. When you go out, you lock the door by pressing a button. Tenants can choose whether to monitor the lock status via an app or provide visitors with temporary codes.

Communal doors
Basement storage facilities and bicycle rooms are managed with the same access control system. Communal doors are opened by tapping the Aptus key against the Öppna reader.

The whole access control system – from the bicycle room to the apartment door – is administered via Hantera software.



Watch video in Danish about Ceres Panorama here.