Things are looking good at BRF Liljan

The BRF Liljan housing cooperative was having problems with burglaries in the basement storage facilities. When the property’s lock cylinders were due for review, the cooperative decided to invest in an access control system.

"The burglaries stopped after we installed access control. One reason for this is that now we can identify who used the door most recently," says Johan Nilsson, Deputy Chairman, BRF Liljan.

The cooperative opted to install digital locks on all 60 of the apartment doors. One reason for this is convenience.

"The tenants are pleased with the new apartment locks, above all because it's so easy to close the door. You just press the star button and the door locks. To open it, you tap your key tag against the lock," says Anders Kööhler, work supervisor at Certego in Karlstad.

"It's also convenient that you can lend temporary codes to visitors. And if you lose a key tag, you can disable that specific tag," says Johan.

Stable systems and skilled installation technicians are important factors, but the most important factor of all is to have members of management who are interested in trying the new technology.

"There have to be members of management who are motivated to install the new technology, which there are at BRF Liljan," explains Anders.

Liljan has a Ringa 1707 entry phone monitoring the entrance door.

“It’s an excellent entry phone that allows tenants to easily open the door via their mobile phone,” says Johan.
The cooperative has installed a Boka 1306 booking board, as well as Aptusportal Styra software for booking laundry and sauna facilities.

“It’s great to be able to book via the Aptusportal. You can simply log in and book any items via the Internet, wherever you are,” says Johan.

The Låsa 1189 door leaf reader checks authorizations for accessing the basement rooms. There are Yale Doorman digital locks on the apartments.
Digital locking systems are growing in popularity due to benefits such as easier technical administration, accessibility and security for tenant owners.

“We used to mainly install alarms, but now we’re seeing a definite market trend for choosing access control system integrations over alarm installations,” notes Anders.

So... what should housing cooperatives bear in mind if they want to embark on the same journey as BRF Liljan?

Here are four questions that the housing cooperative should think about:

  1. What needs do we have to solve (key management, admin costs, laundry booking, tenant communication, security, convenience, accessibility)?
  2. How do we want the system to be administered (hosting, security provider or someone in the housing cooperative)?
  3. What are our future needs (starting small, expanding, e.g. with mobile solutions)?
  4. Which other cooperatives can we contact for advice and references? 

BRF Liljan, Karlstad