BRF Kista Tower – Sweden’s tallest apartment building

The Kista Tower housing cooperative is the tallest apartment building in Sweden and is known not only for having one of the best views in Stockholm; the cooperative has also invested in creating a secure and pleasant living environment by installing an Aptus system.


The Kista Tower housing cooperative has invested in creating a secure and pleasant living environment through digital access control. Residents need never worry about keys that may end up in the wrong hands. Should they lose a key tag, it is deactivated and access to the building and its public spaces is denied.


Borgarfjordsgatan 21A, 164 53 Kista, Sweden


Entry Phone

A Ringa 1707 entry phone can be found at the entrance to the building. Authorized access using a key tag or code opens the door. Visitors can find the resident they are visiting on the entry phone display. The resident answers the phone and opens the door by simply pressing a button on the cellphone.

Reserve sauna

Sauna sessions can be reserved and fairly distributed via an app. The environment is safe and secure since only the person who reserved the sauna has access to it.

Garbage chute

To ensure that residents use the right garbage chute to throw away trash their authorization is checked using the Öppna reader and the Aptus key.

Agera 19 communication board

Tenants can see when the next bus or subway departs. The property owner also has the opportunity to individually communicate with residents and the screen is equipped with a list of residents.

Aptusportal Styra

Residents can access the portal using their computer or cellphone to reserve the sauna, manage their keys, report problems and read individual messages from the property owner.

Hantera administration

The entire access control, reservation, entry phone and communication system is administered using Hantera software.



See the video about Kista Tower housing cooperative here.