A digital communication board is ideal for posting information for many recipients

The Aptus digital communication board is a practical system for distributing information in public premises shared by many people.

An Aptus digital information and communication board makes it easy to communicate with everybody in your premises. It is ideal for posting important news about the property and displaying information and directions for visitors.

Send more communications via Agera 19

The Aptus Agera 19 communication system has a flexible, user-friendly interface and a sturdy color touchscreen. It is robust, sustainable and hard-wearing. The information board makes it easy to communicate with visitors and post important news about the property.

Flexible interface

You choose how to build the interface. In addition to registers and news, the board is often used to display bus timetables and weather forecasts. You can coordinate the board with the company’s website. The boards are managed centrally. You decide when and on which screen information is displayed, which is practical if you have multiple screens in different properties.

Environmentally friendly and cost-effective

The Agera 19 communication board doesn’t only distribute information. It also has a proximity reader that reads individual information and an integrated motion detector that causes the screen to only light up when it is used. It is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.