Easy access for authorized users in public premises

Public premises such as schools, sports complexes and hospitals need to focus on their core activities instead of worrying about vandalism and key administration.

An Aptus proximity access control system can be controlled centrally to give easy access to authorized users while keeping unauthorized visitors out.

Flexible access authorization

An Aptus system includes proximity keys and key tags for access control. They can be programmed to only allow access to specific rooms or parts of rooms at specific times. For instance, you can give access to the floor hockey team from 5 to 7 pm on Mondays and to the cleaning staff 7 to 9 am the next day. This reduces risk of unauthorized access, theft and vandalism.

Secure key management, efficient alarm programming

Moreover, an access control system is securer and more hard-wearing than a magnetic card reader. If a key is lost, simply block it and order a new one with a few presses of a button. The access control system can also be used to set and disconnect alarms. For instance, the alarm system can be activated when the last person leaves the building and scans their key on the reader outside the door.