A booking system provides security and comfort in your property

With an Aptus booking system, only the person who booked a room can access it. This improves security and comfort both for the people who work in the premises and the person who booked the room.

Aptus offers practical solutions for booking communal facilities such as gyms and party rooms. With our booking systems, only the person who booked the room is allowed access to it. You can rest assured that nobody will encroach on your slot.

Hard-wearing booking boards

Our booking boards are installed on an external web server. However, the booking looks as if it is on your website. The Aptus Boka 1306 booking board has a sturdy, vandal-resistant design. To prevent misuse of the booking system, you can set a restriction on the number of weekly or monthly bookings.

Easier key management

The booking boards are equipped with proximity readers, so you don’t need to worry about keys getting lost. Simply block the lost key and order a new one with a few presses of a button. Aptus also offers the option of booking via computer or smartphone for added flexibility.