Garage access in commercial properties

With an Aptus proximity access control system, you can rest assured that nobody unauthorized can enter the property’s garage. The user can sit in the car while the garage door opens.

Many commercial properties have a garage which is used for parking and sometimes also for receiving deliveries.

A radio reader allows fast entry for users with a fixed parking space

An Aptus radio reader reads radio keys at a distance of up to 40 meters. This means the user can relax in the car while the garage door opens. The radio key contains two buttons that can be programmed individually (e.g. to open and close the door or set the alarm). The radio reader is not direction sensitive and can be installed in a central outdoor location to maximize the reading radius.

Combine garage opening with other systems

You can combine the garage opening system with an entry phone system so that suppliers or visitors can call and announce their arrival at the garage entrance. A camera can be installed for visual monitoring. This allows the option of directing visitors to a specific parking space on their arrival when the door is opened.

One key, three functions

Having a key with combined radio, EM and Mifare function means the same key can be used to open garage or delivery doors, the main entrance, warehouse, offices and other doors in the premises.