Communication and exposure and with digital boards

Aptus helps your business present products, offers, company information or different types of register.

Effective visual communication

Aptus exposure and communication systems allows commercial entrepreneurs to communicate with visitors and employees in their premises. For example, a digital communication board might display the names of the different conference rooms and the people holding conferences there.

Optimize your exposure with Aptus Agera 19

The Agera 19 information and communication board has a hard-wearing color touchscreen and an integrated proximity reader. You choose how to build the interface. In addition to registers and news, the board is often used to display bus timetables and weather forecasts. You can coordinate the board with the company’s website.

Black or white

The board comes in black or white so you can choose the color that best fits the interior decor. The Agera 19 has an integrated motion detector that causes the screen to only light up when it is used. The communication system can be expanded with entry phones, locks and alarms to create a complete solution for the property.