Entry phone and entry directory at the main entrance

In commercial properties such as offices, entry phones and entry directory help monitor the doors and guide visitors to their destination.

Entry phones and entry directory improve security by monitoring and controlling who enters the building. Aptus has user-friendly, sustainable entry phones that increase security in the workplace and blend in elegantly with the decor.

One system for multiple businesses

Having a single system for all the businesses in the property makes work easier for the property owner. It saves you having multiple entry phones at the entrance. Instead, all the businesses are connected to the Aptus system and share the same display. Dialup goes through the analog phone system, an IP connection or a separate connection.

Connect to other security products

Of course our entry phone systems can be expanded and connected to other systems. We have digital communication and access control systems that can be linked to all the other systems throughout the property, such as energy metering and alarm systems. The entry phone can be connected to a camera at the main entrance to further increase security.