The laundry room is booked via mobile phone or the booking board

The laundry room is an important facility for tenants. Aptus digital booking system keeps check of bookings

The laundry room in an apartment building can easily cause problems if booking is inefficient and the room is not used with care. Aptus offers a practical booking system that only allows the person who booked the room to access it. This improves security and reduces risk of double bookings and disagreements between tenants.

Book the laundry room via a mobile app

Tenants can book the laundry room, sauna, guest apartment and sunbed via the booking board next to the laundry room, via their computer or via their smartphone.

Booking system keeps the laundry room tidy

An easily accessible booking system that uses booking boards with proximity readers helps keep the laundry room tidy and orderly because only the person who made the booking can access the room. This also reduces risk of problems such as vandalism.

Fair electricity bills

The system has a function for metering energy consumption in the laundry room. Users only pay for the energy they use in the room. This prevents them paying for neighbors’ wasteful habits and encourages economical use of electricity.

Fast service

Aptus also has solutions for intelligent connection of laundry equipment, resulting in safe operation and efficient service. The booking system can be supplemented with locks, an alarm and a communication system.