Efficient tenant communication benefits everybody

With Aptus communication boards and screens connected in the building, you can easily communicate with tenants and quickly update tenant information.

All communal areas in an apartment building should be pleasant and accessible. Tenants should feel secure and visitors should feel welcome. 

Easy communication for property owners

A property owner needs to be able to get the right information to the right people through the right channels. The Aptus Agera 19 digital communication board makes it easy to inform tenants about upcoming events, for instance if electricity meters are to be replaced or the water supply will be turned off. 

Update tenant information remotely

Property managers can use digital technology to update tenant information such as stairwell directories, apartment directories and name plates remotely, instead of visiting the building.

Provide useful information to tenants

You can use Aptus Agera 19 to communicate general information to tenants. You decide where and for how long the information is displayed. When users log in with a proximity key, they are offered options such as booking, service requests or blocking and ordering new keys.