Energy metering in communal areas in a property

Metering energy consumption in buildings benefits the environment and helps achieve economical and energy-efficient operation.

When energy use is metered in communal areas, tenants are motivated to minimize their energy consumption while helping reduce environmental impact. Aptus multi control units can handle the whole process from metering to presentation of the finished data.

Energy metering saves costs

We consume energy all the time without even thinking about it. This places a burden on both the environment and the property owner, and can also result in high costs. Aptus multi control units use pulse metering to collect data regarding electricity, water and heat consumption, which allows the property owner to monitor actual utility consumption in the building.

Energy-efficient laundry facilities

When tenants only pay for the energy they consume, it encourages efficient use of the laundry rooms, reduces wear on the laundry equipment and frees up time in the laundry room. By having tenants only pay for their own washing, the costs are divided fairly and they don’t have to pay for neighbors’ wasteful habits. They can also control their costs and reduce environmental impact.

The control units can be connected to access control systems with proximity readers, temperature sensors and various alarm packages.