Garage doors in apartment buildings

With an Aptus access control system and a reader next to your garage door, you can rest assured that nobody will break into the garage. This system also makes it easier for tenants to park their cars.

Security is essential both for tenants and property owners. All rooms in the building should be secure, including the garage.

Open the garage door straight from your car

Aptus radio readers read the radio key from a distance of up to 40 meters. You can just sit back in the driver’s seat while the garage door opens for you. The radio key has two buttons that can be individually programmed (for instance to open and close the door or set the alarm).

The radio reader is not direction-sensitive and can be installed in a central indoor location to maximize its reading radius. The Sända 2895 radio key has EM, Mifare and radio. This means it can be used for all electronic locks in the building, for example entry doors, apartments, garage and laundry room.