Aptus entry phone and tenant information

The entry phone is the first thing visitors encounter at the entrance of the building. It helps you keep an eye on the entrance and guides visitors to their destination.

Aptus entry phones are connected to the building’s access control system. They come in many models and designs. Tenants and visitors can ring the bell and open doors with a code or an Aptus key.

Durable, user-friendly entry phones

All Aptus entry phones are user-friendly and durable. They are made of stainless steel and can be supplemented with accessories such as a rain guard. They add value to your property in terms of security and elegant design.

Choose an entry phone that suits your needs

Our entry phones are available with EM and Mifare communication. Choose between an integrated digital tenant directory and an ordinary directory on a board beside the entrance. Entry phone calls can be directed to the apartment via the analog phone system, IP telephony or a separate wire connection.

Smart solutions in an integrated system

When cameras are installed at the entrance, tenants can see the caller via the Titta Smartphone mobile app. The entry phone system can be expanded with solutions for tenant communications, booking and energy metering in communal areas, efficient key management and mailboxes.