Booking communal rooms via digital boards

An Aptus booking system allows tenants to book communal rooms via booking boards outside the laundry room, on their private computer, on the communication board in the entrance or via their smartphone.

When all communal areas in the property are easy for tenants to book, it makes the living environment safer. And it also makes administration easier for the property manager. It is most common to book laundry rooms. Other bookable facilities include sunbeds, saunas, guest rooms, conference rooms and gyms. The system has capacity for 16 bookable items and 48 bookable sessions per 24 hours, and reservations can be made up to a year in advance.

Use your Aptus key to make bookings

Aptus keys are easy for people of all ages to use. An Aptus key for proximity readers or booking systems makes it easier for tenants to book communal facilities. The booking system and Aptus key can be connected to either a computer or a smartphone app.

Only the tenant who booked the room can access it

When only the person who made the booking can access the room, this provides greater security. The digital booking system also helps prevent double bookings and disagreements between tenants. The booking systems can easily be supplemented with locks, alarms, access control systems or control units, for instance to monitor energy consumption in communal areas.