Secure store rooms in apartment buildings

Store rooms are used for storing things that do not fit in the tenant’s apartment, such as equipment and items of sentimental value. These rooms must be secured against unauthorized access.

All rooms in the building must be safe and secure, not only the apartments. Aptus has shock-proof proximity locks for store rooms, which are connected to the building’s access control system.

An access control system protects your store rooms

Connecting an access control system to the store rooms in your apartment building simplifies key administration and makes the store rooms securer and more easily accessible for tenants.  This type of system keeps intruders out and protects the building, tenants and their possessions.

Proximity keys can be programmed with different levels of authorization. For example, your key might have access to the whole building while your children’s keys cannot open garage doors or attics.

Easy to block lost keys

And there’s no need to worry if a key gets lost. Just block the key and program a new one with a few presses of a button.