Connect your apartment lock to other systems

System-connected electronic locks such as Yale Doorman for Aptus are a cost-effective solution for apartment doors. They facilitate key management and create security for apartment owners.

Aptus has proximity lock systems and solutions that save you worrying about lost keys and costly lock replacement. For example, Yale Doorman for Aptus is a digital lock you can control from your mobile. It is easy for tenants to use and provides security for apartments.

Quickly block lost keys

There’s no need to worry about lost keys. If you lose an Aptus key or key tag, just block it and order a new one. All keys, cards and key tags in the building are administered centrally – practical for the property owner and simple and secure for tenants. Burglary alarms, fire detectors and leakage sensors can be added to the lock systems for extra security.

Offer a smartphone app

Manage Yale Doorman for Aptus via your mobile phone. Wherever you go, you can easily check the status of your apartment lock. Download the Aptus app for Yale Doorman to your mobile phone. The app has many smart lock functions. For instance, you can see if the door of your home is locked. If it isn’t, just press a button to lock it.