We ensure dedication and security

Aptus product quality and services create a reliable security system that is future-proof and allows for convenient daily property management.

Commitment and reliability

As a property owner, you can always rely on Aptus’ product quality and commitment. We develop and manufacture products in a single building in Gothenburg. Our support and sales department is under the same roof, laying the foundation for one of the best customer support departments in the industry. We are really proud of this.

Hosting and support agreements

You should feel secure when you select an Aptus system. With our services, you always have an updated Aptus system, access to the best technical expertise, and you avoid burdening your IT department.

Hosting, technical advice, DynDNS, concatenate, service and support agreements, system monitoring, commissioning assistance, consulting technicians, SMS service and customized training are some of the services we offer.

Aptus considers the environment

We treat our natural resources with care and respect to preserve our environment and avoid environmental impact. We do this by:

  • Considering the environmental requirements of our customers and the environmental impact of our customers and suppliers
  • Monitoring the environmental impact of our products and processes
  • Creating environmental awareness among our employees through information and education
  • Creating the necessary resources to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to the company’s environmental aspects while constantly striving to reduce our environmental impact.

Quality management at Aptus

We strive to turn each order into a satisfied customer and each project into a good reference. We do this by:

  • Focusing on the customer in everything we do
  • Neatness and order
  • Commitment and collaboration among all employees
  • We create the necessary resources to meet operational system requirements and to achieve continuous improvement

Our certificates

  • Certified quality management system, ISO 9001
  • Certified environmental management system, ISO 14001