Aptus helps building owners achieve efficient management

Access control systems, booking systems and entry phones for buildings

Our focus is on helping apartment building owners to create pleasant, safe and secure buildings. We accomplish this objective by offering security solutions for the entire building, from the entrance to the rooftop. We’re proud of this.

Aptus security systems are uniquely suited for apartment buildings, but they are also suitable to secure and streamline property management of commercial buildings and premises, as well as maintenance areas. Regardless of the solution you are interested in, you can be sure that Aptus always delivers quality and commitment.  

Building entrances and entrance doors 

Our entry phones serve as the building’s very own security guards, keeping an eye on the door while helping visitors find their way. Entry phone solutions also include readers, which reduce vandalism and make key management problems vanish. 

Public doors can be unlocked without a key 

In the best of worlds, no mechanical keys are needed. With our access control system, you can keep track of key management.  You will know when and where workmen, postmen and residents have access.

Booking communal areas

Laundry booking creates a safe and fair environment in the building. Wear and tear on the machinery is more even, there is less running around in the buildings and fewer people forget lint in the dryer. You can of course book other communal areas in the same way.

Apartment door locks

We don’t just deliver security to communal areas. Of course we also keep tenants safe and secure when they are not at home. We do so by offering electronic locks for apartments. You can even offer tenants a smartphone app, so they can monitor the lock status.

Tenant communications

Delivering the right information to the right person at the right time is important. No more notes or changing names on the directory and doors. With our communication system, the administrator can calmly remain sitting at the computer and distribute information.