Multiaccess 7.16

Whether it’s a matter of communications, access, reservations, entry phones, individual metering, locks or alarms, this is the software that lets you build and control your system. Can be extended with applications for external property systems.

Features and advantages

  •  Controls an unlimited number of users per system.
  •  Controls an unlimited number of doors (128 doors per system).
  •  Unlimited number of cards, proximity keys and user groups.
  •  Adapted to Swedish Data Inspection Board requirements for handling personal information (PUL, Personal Data Act).
  •  Connection to apartment mailboxes.
  •  Administration of access control system.
  •  Administration of entry phone.
  •  Administration of booking.
  •  Administration of washing machine interface.
  •  Administration of communications system.
  •  Administration of video entry phone (Aptusportal).
  •  Can control up to 255 time schedules per system.
  •  Remote control of doors.
  •  Operations supervision.
  •  Alarm control.
  •  Integrated control of doors, elevators, booking systems and entry phones.
  •  Individual adaptation of user profile for administrative personnel.
  •  Billing for use of laundry room (billing licence).
  •  Communication is encrypted using 128 bit keys.
  •  Easy to register new keys and cards via desktop reader (Registrera).
  •  Ability to book communal spaces and laundry rooms via the internet (Bokning).
  •  Flexible daily administration via the internet (Hantera).

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