Hantera 7.16

Simplified administration via the internet makes life easier for property managers.

Features and advantages

Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or English interface.


  • Administration of Multiaccess via internet/intranet.
  • Inspection function.
  • Key receipts.
  • Block keys.
  • Add customers and keys.
  • Change areas of access, door codes and telephone numbers.
  • View logs and system statuses.
  • Enter free text information.
  • Remote booking.
  • Help function.
  • List customer bookings.
  • Individual messages.
  • Fault reports are managed under Settings.


  • Manage messages and articles.
  • Manage images.
  • Manage message boards (DIT and Agera 19).
  • Administration templates.


  • Report meter readings such as heating, electricity, water, and energy via the internet/intranet.
  • Hot and cold water notification.
  • Notification of energy consumption costs for the past month.
  • View indoor temperatures for the past 48 hours.
  • Manage price lists and consumption logs.


  • Fault reports.
  • Parameters.

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