Book laundry time, manage keys, read messages and monitor your electricity, water and heating readings.

user= demo
password= aptus    

Features and advantages



  • Internet booking, e.g. of laundry room.
  • Booking via Smartphone. (Bokning smartphone)
  • Booking via Agera communication board.
  • General booking selection via booking categories.
  • Clearly structured interface showing which slots are vacant, occupied or already booked by you.




  • Shows measurement values for apartments via Internet or communication board.
  • Temperature, electricity, cold & hot water and energy can be shown.
  • View data summaries in graph or table form.
  • Compare your apartment’s consumption with the average consumption.




  • Read articles published for communication board.
  • Read individual messages. (Only applies to service booking).
  • Make service requests for individual apartments.


Locks & keys:

  • Tenants can change their personal code.
  • Function for blocking lost Aptus keys.



  • Unlock the entrance door for visitors who call on the entry phone.
  • Visitors can be viewed via Titta 1200.
  • Entry phone calls can also be managed via the Titta smartphone app.



  • Change phone number for apartment’s entry phone.
  • Change password for web login.

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