Agera 19

Color touch screen with flexible interface. It’s user friendly and a cinch to install, and has a motion detector.

Features and advantages

  • Digital communications and message board.
  • Flexible interface/presentation structure.
  • Durable touch screen.
  • Integrated proximity reader.
  • Integrated motion detector (screen illuminated only when in use).
  • Tenant directory.
  • General information to tenants. Possible to set information duration  and display location.
  • Available in black or white.


Agera 19 Product sheet


Electrical data
Power supply: 19
Consumption, Watts: min 42 max 48
Amps: min 2,2 max 2,5
230 V transformer included*

Temperature ˚C: 0 to +30
Humidity %: 10 to 90
Communication: Ethernet

TFT LCD Display: 19" (1280 x 1024)
Touch screen interface: IR-touch

Dimensions in mm
Height: 414
Width: 577
Net weight in kg: 15,9

Other features
Integrated industry PC: Yes
Integrated loudspeaker: Yes  
Integrated motion detector: Yes  
Beröringsfri läsare: Yes  
Supports HTTPS: Yes  
*Internal installation of transformer possible: Yes

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