5 year warranty

You should always feel secure purchasing Aptus products. We manufacture most of our products at the Aptus factory in Mölnlycke. The factory has departments for support, R&D, production and sales under a single roof. This ensures high quality. For this reason, as of Jan. 1, 2019 most of our in-house manufactured products will be covered by a 5 year warranty valid from the date of delivery.

This applies to the following products:

  • Svara 23
  • Styra 3000
  • Styra Komkort 4000
  • Styra I/O, all versions
  • Styra Porttelefonkort, all versions
  • Koppla, all versions
  • MC1-I/O external and internal
  • AXI4/8/12/16 with and without box
  • Öppna reader, all versions
  • Ringa entry phone, all versions
  • Boka booking board, all versions
  • Registrera desktop reader, all versions
  • TMI Miele
  • AA TMI A485
  • AA 485-DTMF Interface
  • AA DTMF-A485 Interface

The extended warranty is no longer available.

If you have previously purchased an extended warranty, the extended warranty is also applicable to the following products:

  • AC 700, BC 700, TC 700, all versions
  • MC1, all versions excluding the battery
  • AD 70/MA

Note: In other words, any of these products delivered after Jan. 1, 2019 are only covered by a 2 year warranty. You cannot purchase an extended warranty for these or any other products. Contact the responsible sales representative if you have any questions, for instance if you purchased an extended warranty for products delivered both before and after January 1st.