Answer what you want!

Answer what you want, when you want, how you want. The new Svara 23 apartment phone makes it easy.

Aptus is launching the new Svara 23 apartment phone. It allows you to answer when visitors call on the entry phone. An Aptus system also gives you the option of answering calls in the Aptus Home app and opening the door via your phone by pressing 5.

Everybody can use the Svara 23. The ring signal can be configured to activate a light signal, and you can switch on the lighting in stairwells by pressing a button.

This is what happens when a guest visits:

  1. The visitor calls on the entry phone
  2. The Svara 23 starts ringing and flashes red
  3. Press the Answer button to speak to the visitor
  4. Press the Open button to unlock the entrance door

If you choose not to let the visitor in, press the Answer button again and the door will remain locked.

The Svara 23 apartment phone is backward compatible with older Aptus apartment phones. It can be connected to all types of Aptus control units. In order for you to use Aptus Home, your housing company/your employer needs to install Aptus software including Aptusportal Styra (version 8.7).