Agera as you want it

The next generation Agera communication board is here. The new Agera 22 is elegant, with a brushed metal finish and a solid glass front. The screen features a swipe function and a motion detector. The Agera 22 has a flexible interface and offers a new, easier way of publishing articles.

How you want

 Use the publication tool in Hantera Styra to create the articles’ content, or load jpeg, gif, png, pdf, doc and docx files.


When and where you want

Use the publication tool in Hantera Styra to choose the staircases where you want the articles to be displayed, and how long they should be displayed. A new feature is the option of setting the priority for articles. High-priority articles are displayed more frequently than other articles. You can also update tenant lists to ensure they are always accurate – something that new tenants will appreciate.


Everything tenants wants.

While logged in, tenants can raise service requests and book communal facilities such as sauna or laundry rooms. Tenants can also manage their personal information, change their entry phone number and block proximity keys. The Agera 22 reads proximity EM and Mifare Classic keys.

As an added bonus, tenants can read articles and individual messages published on communication boards in the Aptus Home app and in the Aptusportal web portal.